Investing Basics – What is A Stock and What Happens to Profits?

My last post talked about deciding upon a 100% stock allocation as I was starting out on our investment journey. I failed to mention that before making this bold decision, I spent an enormous amount of time reading about stocks, profits and their valuation principles. It seems a bit daunting to try and learn investment concepts when you are starting from square one. I decided it was probably best to learn it in a similar fashion to medicine, which meant

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Basic Asset Allocation and Risk Tolerance (cont’d) – My Road To Financial Independence Series

This  post  completes the discussion of risk tolerance and is the 3rd post in a multi-post series walking through all the key financial decisions that led to financial independence in our 30’s. Make sure you read them in order as each post builds on the last.  Don’t Fight Your Emotional Self – Find Coping Mechanisms Based upon my tolerance for volatility in poker and my strong belief in Stocks for the Long Run, I was ready to start our investment portfolio

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