Incorporation Basics Part 3 – Income Smoothing and Proposed Tax Changes

I’ve given up trying to find pictures for such dry topics like incorporation so I figured I’d go with my science nerd side instead 🙂 Another key advantage of a personal corporation is the ability to control when you take personal income.  Deferring personal taxation via retained earnings in a CCPC typically works best when combined with investing these retained earnings to allow compound interest for many years and then draw those funds out in retirement at lower personal tax

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Incorporation Basics Part 2 – Income Splitting and Proposed Tax Changes

  In Part 1 of our Incorporation series, we introduced the corporation basic definitions and explained its lower effective tax rate. Many readers would notice that a single person needs to make a significant income more than their yearly living costs to benefit from the lower effective corporate tax rate/ tax deferral advantage. Nothing in personal finance beats the advantage of living within your means and a high savings rate. I have discussed saving techniques in earlier blog posts. Another

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Investing Basics Bonds Part 1

I’m a big believer in understanding the basic concepts of what you are invested in. Each asset class has its own unique characteristics, risk profiles and short and long term performance. Understanding why these investments act the way the do will help you have faith in the process of investing within them. The next few investing basics posts will cover the main types of investment categories that most professional investors will come across. What is a Bond? The first basic

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