Incorporation Basics – What is a Corporation and Incorporation Advantages Part 1 – Lower Effective Tax Rate

  Many professionals are busy wondering how recent proposed federal government changes by Bill Morneau will affect the value of incorporation.  For those with corporate structures, many will have already read opinion pieces that give an idea of what will likely change if proposed measures are finalized in October 2018. I found the following article to be a fairly good overview, but many articles presume a basic understanding of corporations and their benefits. I read the very detailed 63 page

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Financial Independence/ FIRE (financially independent retire early)

  A few readers have had the question of what does financial independence actually mean and how do you know if you can retire early. We are out camping with the kids and enjoying the beautiful BC and Alberta scenario for a few weeks. I can’t really do any calculation specific posts due to time constraints, so I thought I would do a quick post to cover the FIRE topic. FIRE/ financial independence typically implies you have enough income producing

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